Holistic Treatment Acne Remedies

Do you have pimples?  Does it cause you to be embarrassed or self-conscious?  Acne can be one of the most troubling conditions to affect a person, particularly if it  covers the face and other prominent parts of the body. If you want to find out ways of getting rid of your pimples, then talking to a dermatologist and exploring holistic treatment acne methods can be a good idea.

What causes pimples?

Acne or pimples are caused when your pores fill up with dirt and oil and become clogged with pus or bacteria.  Pimples are caused by a clogging of sebaceous glands and the most common parts of the body effected includes the face, back, chest and shoulders.  You can develop acne at any age and it can be attributed to a number of other factors such as hormones, diet and hygiene habits.  If you are suffering from annoying breakouts and want to get rid of your pimples, then you need to consider some holistic treatments for acne, because it can help you dramatically.

What are the most common signs and symptoms of acne?

You can develop different kinds of pimples and each one has different appearances and severity.  Whiteheads are small and remain under the skin, while blackheads are visible to the naked eye and appear on the surface of the skin.  Papules are small, solid bumps which rise up from the skin surface and pustules are filled with pus or infection and clearly visible on the skin with a red base and pus on the top.  Nodules and cystic acne are severe and can be painful, swollen, inflamed and can be red and pus filled as well.  The more severe your acne situation is, the more difficult it can be to treat it and the more deep the scaring can become, so it is important to explore treatment options available from a dermatologist and considering holistic acne remedies can also be beneficial.

What are some common holistic treatment acne remedies?

There are many ways in which acne can be treated and these include dietary and lifestyle modifications when recommended or prescribed.  Other holistic treatments for acne include changing your dietary habits, eliminating certain foods and drinks which cause skin inflammation, detoxing your body and drinking more water, using tea tree or natural astringent products like witch hazel on the inflamed areas, taking zinc supplements, and avoiding extreme sun exposure or tanning beds.  You can also eliminate chocolate, tobacco and alcohol, dairy products and acidic foods from your diet and observing a low glycemic index diet can also help with reducing acne.

Why should you try holistic treatment acne methods?

If you want to get rid of your pimples, there are now more options available to you than ever before.  I know your embarrassed about having acne and you would probably try anything to get rid of it, but before going to extremes such as prescription medications which can have unhealthy side effects,  you may be better served by trying holistic acne remedies instead, so find out more information and incorporate some of these options into your routine, because you may find it eliminates or controls your breakouts and gives you the clear skin you desire.